About Dizz

*hening* *selalu bingung setiap kali disuruh membuat intro*

Dizz imnida.. *bow*
mungkin reader semua bingung kenapa nama saya unik dan selalu pakai avatar cowok. *nggakAdaYangNanya*
ada yang bisa menebak gender saya? *nggak penting* *abaikan*

I am Lee Sungmin’s future wife. *digampar bias Lee Sungmin sedunia*

Real name Nadya, but people around me used to called Nymph. so simple right?

little thing about me, I’m not good enough on writing korean fanfiction, since i’m dedicating myself to write short story and novel which is doesn’t based on Korean or fanfiction at all. Then, I read one of my favorite writer’s tweet, and she said as a good writer, they must be able to write in many genre, including fanfiction. Since that day, i pushed myself hard to be able to write in many ways. But then I found a pleasure on writing korean fanfiction especially Super Junior’s, although i’ve become an ELF for about 10 months.. 🙂 *i’m a newbie* *high five at sachakarina*

I’m an introvert person, I’m type of person who don’t want to publicide explicitly. But if you want to know me more, I would gladfully accepted. Find me on dizzcography or you can follow me on @nadyyapratiwi. Don’t worry, i’m not a fastidious person, i just prefer to keep my personality for myself.

I would be very sad if you are a silent reader. I’ve spent 3 hours just to introducing myself—things I dislike the most, and there’s no feedback for me. So, please let me know what’s on your mind about me. And please no bash or flame. I believe that everyone are kindhearted and lovely person. 🙂

Enough from me, let’s make friends.. 🙂
Sorry for some bloody lacking grammar, haha. Entah kenapa belakangan ini sedang influence banget dengan bahasa Inggris. >,<


3 responses to “About Dizz

    • halo dan salam kenal juga.. 🙂
      haha XD thank you, dear 🙂 yah, i’m extremely introvert and sometimes confused how to introducing myself…. ><

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